Ciao Ciao

Director & Screenwriter
Song Chuan
Feature film / drama

Ciao Ciao, an arrogant young Chinese woman, returns to visit her parents in her hometown village, nestled in the heart of the mountains. She wants to return to Canton as soon as possible to set up a business with her friend Li Li. However, her parents ask her to stay to help them, but she hesitates and hangs around the village. At this point, she becomes an object of covetousness, especially to that of the wild Li Wei, the son of a wealthy contraband alcohol supplier.


France, China – 83min

Production: Zorba


Theatrical release 

In France by Dissidenz: April 25th, 2018

In Canada by K-Films Amérique: July 6th, 2018



Ciao Ciao: Liang Xueqin

Li Wei: Zhang Yu

Mr. Li: Hong Chang

Ciao Ciao’s Mother: Zhou Lin

Ciao Ciao’s Father: Wang Laowu

Hairdresser: Zhou Quan


Director & Screenwriter: Song Chuan
Production: Zorba Original
Music: Jean-Christophe Onno, Sun Dawei
Cinematographer: Li Xuejun Sound
Recorder: Gao Yuan
Editors: Jean-Marie Lengellé, Song Chuan
Colourist: Isabelle Julien
Sound editor & designer: Jules Wysocki
Sound mixer: François Loubeyre

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