About Us

Zorba Production is an independant creative network.

Who we are

Three men, One vision.

If there’s one thing that Guillaume loves, it is art. He loves film, music, painting even gastronomy. Born as an active individual, Guillaume spent his younger years learning Kung Fu in a Shaolin Temple, Taekwondo in Seoul.

He is eager to immerse himself into conversations that revolve around Korean Cinema and Chinese cultures. Now that he’s back in Paris, he spends his time doing Yoga and cycling around the city of light.

Guillaume de la Boulaye Co-founder

Gifted with a bold character and talent for storytelling, Olivier spent his younger years studying classical theatre pieces. He then went on to write and direct plays based on the works of Boris Vian. Like any other art appreciating fella, Olivier developed his love for fine wines very early in life. His favourite wines have been and would always be those that were produced in Touraine; a place he would always call home.

Olivier Mardi Co-founder

Born and raised in the French Riviera, Charles spent most of his time by the Mediterranean sea. A place so vivid and vibrant, it inspired his love for colors and artistic sensibilities. In 2013, Charles moved to Shanghai to launch our Shanghai office. He ended up staying for four years, during which time he managed to get the business up and running and two new tattoos. He is currently residing in Singapore to oversee the growth of our Singapore office that we launched in July of 2017.

Charles Hassler Co-founder